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Social Media Marketing is a powerful means for companies and professionals to find and connect with habitual or potential customers. Social networks (for example Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, Tik Tok, Snapchat), born to create social bonds between registered people, today represent an effective and advantageous marketing tool.

It is the service for creating and managing the social page, planning and publishing posts on the chosen social network.

The creation of a company page on social media (in the case of Facebook and Linkedin) and a business profile (in the case of Instagram) is the starting point for a profitable activity on social media.

With this service Omitech Crea takes care of managing your company social page, including the regular publication of posts, previously shared, with different formats depending on the social channel chosen.

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Social media as a business resource

Differentiated contents for each platform

ADV campaigns with optimized budget

Social Media Ads

Service for the creation and management of sponsored campaigns on the main social channels.

Social Media Ads

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Social Community Manager

Outsourcing service for monitoring social channels and managing users’ comments and messages.

Social Community Manager

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