Google my business management: the advantages for companies and users

Google My Business Management: why create a Google profile? What are the benefits for companies and which are for users? Let’s find out in this article!

Nowadays, including Google My Business in your online marketing strategy is essential: knowing this tool and knowing how to use it at its best is the ideal solution for a company that wants to be easily found on the web.

Google My Business profile allows users to find their business, both on the Google search engine and on Google Maps. For example, if your company is a hotel in Verona and a user searches for “hotel Verona” on Google, your profile will appear among the first results, if optimized correctly. At the same time, your Google profile will also appear if a user wishes to travel to Verona and makes a search on Google Maps.


The management of Google My Business is therefore essential for SEO, search engine optimization, as it allows you to view your profile in local search results for specific queries of your products or services.

Google My Business: benefits for the companies

The management of Google My Business brings countless advantages for the company that owns the profile:

  • The company can fully manage business information, providing precise and accurate information. A complete profile transmits reliability to users, who are also able to find all the data they need: address, contacts, opening hours.

  • hrough the profile, you can interact with your customers and interested users: in fact, it’s possible to answer customer reviews and user questions, thus managing your own community.

  • You can view statistics, which indicate how customers find your Google profile and what actions they take once found. The statistics data include many parameters, such as views, queries and actions performed on the Google profile (request for information, visits to the website, calls made).

  • It’s possible to add photos of your business, showing your products or services. Eye-catching, curated images are very inviting to potential customers, and can show them that your business is just what they are looking for. In addition to photos, it is also possible to publish the virtual tour and posts, as if it were a real social network: in this way, the company can communicate news, events, etc.

Google My Business: benefits for users

Google My Business is also greatly beneficial for users who are interested in your company’s products or services:

  • The user can find all the information he needs in one place.

  • The user can use the profile as a starting point for a contact: from here he can, for example, click directly on the call button and call the company. He can get directions with just one click and of course he can land directly on the website, as well as make a request by asking a question. The question can be answered not only by the owner of the profile and the company, but also by other users who may know the company well.

Google My Business management: why entrust the management to Omitech Crea

Entrusting the management of Google My Business to a web agency like Omitech Crea offers many advantages. You can leave the reviews management to us, saving a lot of time and at the same time obtaining an effective and timely community management service. In addition, you will have access to exclusive customer support, conceived and created specifically for agencies.

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on Google My Business management or for a free quote!

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