Facebook ecommerce? The new facebook shops feature is coming

For several years, there have been rumors of the implementation of a Facebook eCommerce, that is, an online shopping platform integrated with the most used social network in the world. With the contributing factors of Covid-19 and the fast growth of online sales, Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to transform Facebook into a “social commerce” is becoming a reality.

In fact, in May, Facebook Shops was presented: a real eCommerce platform integrated within the company pages. This new feature will therefore allow companies to sell directly on both Facebook and Instagram. Zuckerberg’s goal is to bring businesses, especially small and local businesses, closer to the world of eCommerce.

Facebook shops: what is it about?

Until today, the function most similar to an eCommerce is the Page shop, a specific section of your page where you can insert products with a direct link to your online shop site. The Facebook Shops feature wants to go further, giving companies that own a page the ability to create and manage a real eCommerce.

It will be possible to create a virtual store in line with the brand image, customizing several aspects including the layout of the shop and the way of presenting products. Users will be able to view the eCommerce directly in the company account, both Facebook page and Instagram profile. It will be possible to browse the collection, add favorite products to a wishlist and place orders directly on the platform. Facebook Shops will also offer the possibility to request information and advice through direct messages (Messenger, Instagram Direct) or via Whatsapp.

Facebook itself will notify the page administrators when the eCommerce functionality, Facebook shops, will be available: the link for the “Shop builder”, an extension of the page management tools, will be provided.

Requirements and benefits

In order to access the Facebook Shops functionality, it is necessary that the products sold are only physical items. In the face of a single requirement for sellers, there are countless benefits for those who decide to use this platform:

You can add an infinite number of products and you don’t need to upload a catalogue elsewhere;

Communication with clients is immediate, thanks to messaging service;

Clients can browse the shop by category, thanks to the complete customization and to the possibility of organizing products in different collections;

Statistical data can be easily obtained and consulted (views, clicks, purchases).

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