Corporate storytelling: the enormous power of art to tell stories within a communication strategy

“Storytelling is among the oldest forms of communication. Storytelling is the commonality of all human beings, in all places, in all times.” (Rives Collins)

Corporate storytelling is a communication technique that consists of telling a story to achieve different purposes: attracting the attention of a specific audience, stimulating a desire in readers, persuading potential customers to take a specific action. In general, we can say that corporate storytelling aims to create a connection with customers and potential customers, thrilling and involving them, thanks to the enormous power of narration.

Storytelling: why you should believe in the power of narration

The human brain is particularly suited to pay attention to stories: since ancient times, people’s behaviors, both practical and moral, were driven by stories (myths, fantastic tales). It can be said that storytelling is as old as the world: Greek myths, the Bible, Hindu itihāsa are all perfect examples of storytelling, narratives spanning millennia and centuries of history, consolidating the values ​​of common cultures and shaping human minds . Millennia have passed, but storytelling still has a strong power over the mind: stories inspire us, fascinate us, excite us, push us to action.

Storytelling, the benefits for corporate communication

Every company has a story to tell, its own identity: in a market full of content, corporate storytelling can make the difference in a communication strategy. Here are the benefits of corporate storytelling:

  • Stories can be told with many methods: with words, with images, with gestures. Corporate storytelling can therefore be adapted to different channels: nowadays visual storytelling is widely used, that is the story mainly through images, which thanks to the advent of social media has developed exponentially.
  • Storytelling creates a bond between the brand and its audience, making them loyal: a well-told story is infinitely more captivating than a banal advertisement or a purely commercial post on social media. A relationship is created between the company and the public, which will be loyal: everyone wants to know how a story ends! And even if brands decide to tell different stories, they will all revolve around the same concept and the public will be curious to know what the next story will be. Let’s not forget the power of empathy and identification with the protagonist of the stories that are told.
  • Storytelling adds value and can transform something old into new. As we said a few lines above, the market is overflowing with content: finding new ideas and elements that can add value to the conversation between brand and audience is more complex than ever. The same story, however, can be told in almost infinite ways: corporate storytelling is therefore the best way to take something that has already been said and transform it into new content with added value.

Most of the main brands are increasingly using videos as content to convey to tell a story: here we can see three examples of video storytelling by three companies that for years have stood out for their ability to use the storytelling technique.

  • In this case, Chanel used fairytale narration to tell the incredible life of the brand’s founder.

  • In this commercial, Ikea parodies contemporary culture with the aim of rediscovering the value of being together in the kitchen and at home (furnished by Ikea, of course).

  • The case of the Adidas video is very interesting: the commercial, in fact, was not commissioned by the German company but was made independently by a young film scholar. Thanks to the immense emotional power of this video and its diffusion in the media, the commercial went viral in a short time.

Omitech Crea supports you in telling your story

Omitech Crea specializes in creating quality content, with the aim of connecting your audience to your company and your brand.

Contact us, together we will tell your story through words or images, in an effective and meaningful way.

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